The company Frank Köditz Nachrichtentechnik was founded on March 28th 1990 by Frank Köditz. Since May 1st 2010 the company is splitted. We founded the new company microwave-technologies to serve our industrial and military customers.

In the first years predominantly amateur radio-specific products for the microwave amateur radio were developed and manufactured. Due to the high quality of the products also increasingly inquiries and orders came from the industry and military customers, so that we then moved in the year 1996 to Kassel into larger business premises.

Since July 2018, we have expanded our business into our new location to work more efficiently.

Company profile

We develop, produce and sell modules and devices in the frequency range from DC to over 26 GHz.

Our products go from unique pieces up to the quantity production into large numbers of items. For highest requirements gilded plates are used in milled aluminum housings.

Our product range hands complete transceivers, frequency multiplier with low-noise oscillators, as well as interdigital filters and antennas, from low-noise preamplifiers and power amplifiers over transmit- and receive converter /-transverter, particularly also for special's applications.

Our customers are companies in more than 30 countries all over the world. They are active in the areas Military, Aerospace, Telecommunications, Media and Broadcast. We currently achieves an amount of export of more than 70 percent. Furthermore, we supply universities and research institutes with laboratory measurement equipment and special devices for research and development. Other customers are the government, public authorities and security services.

We provides direct worldwide customer service and can guarantee best service and economical customized solutions provide.

Development - Construction - Production

Development, construction and production of the rf-modules take place at us under a roof. This makes high flexibility, fast reaction to the requirements of the market and economical manufacturing possible after customer parameters. By strict quality controls our products achieve highest reliability..

Our laboratory is equipped with measuring technique by Agilent, Rohde&Schwarz, Anritsu,automatic data processing-tested, Boonton and other considerable manufacturers. Several spectrum analyzers, network analyzers and noise figure measuring equipment made measurements possible to over 26 GHz.

The laboratory is continually improved and enlarged with new measurement equipment. The latest CAD software is used for simulation, development and construction.

Our mechanism department makes customized turned and milled pieces for our products. By use our standardized housings, present in stock, we can realize also short term customer projects.


We develop, design and manufacture rf-modules and antennas in the frequency range to over 26 GHz.

We have a great pool of own products and developments available so we can change these frequently in a relative short time interval by modifications to your desired customized product.

Inform us about your technical specifications. We can realize your desired product after your parameters.

Do not hesitate to contact us.

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